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He haerenga – A journey from harm to well-being

When translated, He haerenga literally means A journey. At IGC 2022 we will provide a platform for all to share their unique journey in the area of gambling related harm and well-being.


To provide value to the attendees we aim to facilitate an environment where global, ethnic and individual perspectives on the concepts of harm and well-being foster robust discussion and debate.

Conference focus areas include:

  • Gambling-related behaviours and harms, and how we have responded and adapted to changes in the context of treatment, research, public health and policy.

  • Adjustment to the shifting gambling environment, which has seen the introduction of new and highly accessible gambling products, including the increasingly blurred lines between gaming and gambling.

  • Growth and development in effective harm minimisation approaches and the use of technology in this area.

  • Gathering knowledge and insight into inequities between population groups that are affected by gambling harm, taking into consideration gambling environments.

  • Awareness and appreciation of the unique nature of a journey from gambling harm to a place of well-being with respect to communities, families and individuals.

We believe the conference theme fits well with the Government’s focus on the mental health and well-being of New Zealanders and the objectives outlined in the Ministry of Health’s Strategy to Prevent and Minimise Gambling Harm.


It is a deliberately broad and inclusive theme which we hope will incorporate the experiences and knowledge from other addiction fields so that we may draw on these, as we further explore different journeys across the sector.

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