Dr Lance O’Sullivan Former New Zealander of the Year and Doctor in the Far North

Dr Lance O’Sullivan

In June 2012, Lance made the headlines when he left his former employer after a difference in patient philosophy – he believed in treating patients regardless of whether or not they could afford treatment. He left disillusioned with a system that failed to deliver the care needed for his patients and vowed to change the system for the better.  Now ensconced in the Far North of New Zealand, Lance has set about making this happen.  Harnessing the skills he acquired from his cultural heritage and medical training, he and wife Tracy established Navilluso Medical, a health care company committed to developing innovative ways to ensure appropriate and quality health care reached the right people in the right place at the right time.

Lance and Tracy have seven children, 5 boys and 2 girls. They live and work in Kaitaia, a remote and challenged area of rural New Zealand. Lance truly believes that he has led a charmed life and even now reflects on this… “I used to feel that I should pinch myself to see if how life had played out for me was real or a dream.”

Lance founded The MOKO Foundation. He was inspired by the opportunities that he himself had experienced in life and which allowed him to grow and develop into a well-educated, well-rounded family man and community leader. Lance is truly passionate about and devoted to connecting people with opportunities for a better Aotearoa New Zealand.



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