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Thank you to all who presented at IGC2018.  You can download a copy of their presentations via the links below.  For privacy reasons, some of our speakers have asked that their presentations not be shared so if you want a copy of their presenation you’ll have to contact them directly.  

Bostock , Gareth – Building a culture of care in Class 4 venues

Hay, Laura – Hedge your bets – Public health promotion in Christchurch

Francis, Louise – How perceptions of the relative social and economic benefits of EGMs influence licensing decisions: a qualitative study of stakeholders in Victoria, Australia.

Wren, John – Lessons from MOH Gambling Outcomes Reporting 

Livingstone, Charles  – Public Health and Gambling – what can we learn from other fields?

Spokes, Judy  – Libraries after dark – an intervention to reduce gambling harm

Taylor, Richard  & Wren, John – People-powered systems: Informing NZ’s next Gambling Harm Strategy

Harrex, Simon – Gambling‐Harm Prevention: The Role Of Local Government

French, Martin – Regulating gambling-related harms via the internet 

Reynolds, Jennifer – Responsible gambling. Towards a critical understanding

Rimal, Retina – Concurrent disorders, problem gambling and decision‐making ability

Merkouris, Stephanie – Classification accuracy of brief screens for problem gambling: A systematic review and metaanalysis 

Hing, Nerilee – Do wagering inducements encourage impluse betting among sports bettors?

Lau, Morten – Evaluating the welfare cost of gambling

Panyagaew, Wasan – Gambling as a community of practice among football fans

Ross, Don – Constructions of Cravings in Disordered Gambling Research: Theory and Evidence

Salonen, Anne  – Gambling participation and gambling-related harm in Finland

Gueze, Gwendolyn – Just another gamble: Self-excluded participants’ motivations to breach

Denyer-Simmons, Henry  – Pocket picking: Young men and gambling in NSW, Australia

Volberg, Rachel – Predictors of gambling & problem gambling in Massachusetts 

Langham, Erika – Strengths based approaches to understanding gambling harm and help seeking behaviour

Suwannaphou, Mathurada – The adaptation of problem gambling and internet addiction questionnaires to raise awareness of problem in Thailand

Rodda, Simone – The prevalence of risky and problem gambling among people attending community mental health services in Victoria, Australia

Romild, Ulla – The Relations between gambling harms, mental health and risky alcohol consumption over time – the Swedish case

Kaakinen, Markus  & Oksanen, Atte – Young People’s Reactions to Gambling Content in Social: An Experimental Insight

Russell, Alex  – The social networks of gamblers

Kolandai-Matchett, Komathi & Ah-Honi, Pesio – Culture‐gambling intersectionality and harm magnification for Pacific people in New Zealand

Browne, Matthew  – Evidence on the prevention paradox with respect to gambling-related harm

Landon, Jason – Exploratory studies of gambling impacts in people accessing

Bellringer, Maria – Family violence among help-seeking gamblers: The effect of having dependent children

Abbott, Max – Flipping the iceberg on gambling harm – a public health perspective on gambling and gambling-related harm

Hirini, Vicki  – Building Resilience in a School Population

Wahsquonaikezhik, Sheila  – Northern Ontario Indigenous Youth Engagement Project: Engaging our First Nation Communities and Youth – Creating pathways to cultural revitalization

Poznyak, Vladimir – Public health implications of gambling, gaming and psychoactive substance use.

Nelson, Anna; Dunnachie, Bronwyn & Mary Anne Cooke – Supporting Parents Healthy Children: Bringing that green book to life in addiction and minimising gambling harm services

Sonsuphap,Rattaphong  & Phaksipaeng, Itsaree  – Thai Boxing: Sport/Gambling

Egerer, Michael –  The gambler, the game and the venue – A focus-group study on spaces and cultures of convenience gambling

Crawford, Lizz  & Hewison, Grant  – When a tavern is not a tavern, but a mini pokie‐casino

Nichelsen, Narelle  – 5-Step Method of counselling for family & whanau members affected by someone else’s gambling, alcohol or drug use

Lynette Hutson & Lisa CampbellA Perfect Storm – what lies beneath the surface of clients presenting to Salvation Army … – 

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